What to Look For in a TV: 6 Different Components

April 20, 2021 0

After a hard day at work, all we want to do is relax on the couch and watch our favourite shows. Home entertainment is important and the hub of that system is your TV. Buying a new TV seems easy; you just go to the store, pick the one you like and take it home right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

There is a wide variety of TVs to choose from with lots of features that most of us don’t even understand. There is no one-size-fits-all. So how do you know what TV to choose?

Here are 6 important things to know on what to look for in a TV for your next television:

1. TV Screen Size

Screen size is one of the most important things you need to decide fist before you look for in a new TV. The old phrase size matters makes sense for TVs. Bigger is always better, but not always. You can buy TVs that range from around 14” to over 100” and the most popular size is 55”. So what size should you go for?

Pick a size that fits the room. You don’t want your TV to dominate the space. You also should consider the distance between the TV and where you will be sitting. Make it double the size of your screen. If it’s a dedicated theatre room then go crazy.

2. TV Wall Mounting

Back in the day all TV’s sat on the floor. Today we have lighter options and we can mount them to a wall or they can sit on a console. Consider the room and how you are going to watch your TV.

Having your TV on a wall might make sense but it usually is mounted higher than your sitting, viewing level. This means you have to have your head tilted up. Also, the TV may be facing straight out so you are not viewing the screen at the optimal angle. Try placing it on flat screen TV stands instead, which will help with this viewing problem.

It also gives you a place to put other components in your entertainment system. If you have room for a dedicated piece of furniture for your TV, get one.

3. TV Display & Resolution

We all want to see a clear picture but what is best? We went from plasma to LCD to LED. Most TVs today are LED (light emitting diode) but there is a new kid in town. We can now get OLED (organic light emitting diode) and it is a better picture.

The real question is how good do you really need. OLED is more expensive and of much better quality but LED is still an amazing picture. We had 1080p but 4K is now the standard for resolution with 8K coming out now. Quality costs money so it’s up to you how much you want to spend on your TV. Like with all new technology, it’s best to wait before getting the latest. Any problems will get resolved and the price will come down too.

4. Smart TVs

If you haven’t bought a new TV in a while it may not be a smart TV. It doesn’t mean it’s dumb, it’s just not integrated with the internet. Today most new TVs are “Smart” and wirelessly connect to the web for streaming content like Netflix and Hulu as well as viewing content on YouTube. It uses apps and lets you surf the web too.

Most of us are streaming shows now and there are lots of choices. Whether you are team Netflix or team Amazon it doesn’t matter. You can have both as well as Disney, Apple and a host of other streamers. You will love all the features of a smart tv.

5. Multiple TV Connections

Your TV isn’t just for watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore. We integrate our audio systems, gaming consoles, cameras as well as other devices. You need to have ports for all of these.

Make sure your new TV has multiple connections. You need several HDMI ports and Bluetooth connectivity. A soundbar is essential for top-quality audio as well as your kid’s gaming devices. Make sure you have more than you need because those ports get used up real quick.

6. TV Warranties

When we make big purchases, we want to be protected. While warranties for your TV seem like a smart move, be careful. This is a huge moneymaker for electronic stores. They try to sell you extended warranties because they rarely need to be paid out.

If there is a defect in your TV it will usually show up in the first 30 days. That will be covered by your standard store return policy as well as the manufacturers’ one-year warranty. Your credit card company may also give you coverage for the purchase. Steer clear of these money-making policies unless you think you really need them. The more money you spend, the more you need to protect that investment.

It’s exciting to buy a new TV. You are going to love watching your favourite movies and programs so enjoy it. Take into account these 6 tips so you make an informed choice on your next TV.