The Top 4 Benefits of Steel

March 4, 2018 0

The use of steel has numerous advantages and benefits which include sustainability, durability and affordability. Steel is used in construction all the time, all over the world, whether it is used for building skyscrapers or just a garage. It is also incredibly versatile which is why it is used in just about every stage when constructing buildings, whether it is for roofing or for framing. Structural steel is tried and tested, making it one of the most reliable materials that can be used. Here are some of the best benefits of using steel.

1. Building With Steel Is Quicker

Clients can be pretty demanding, so they may want their buildings constructed within a certain budget and also a time period. This poses quite a dilemma for the construction crew. Such demands may lead to taking shortcuts which can result in a disaster years from now. It would make a building unsafe and certainly not up to standard. By using steel, it adds an element of speed to the whole equation. Steel can be manufactured within the plant in specific ways, so when they are sent off, they are ready to be used. This in turn speeds up the whole process, allowing for the construction to meet with deadlines.

2. Steel Frames Can Be Lighter Than Wood

Though this tidbit of trivia may seem shocking, a steel I-beam can weigh less than glued laminated timber and some other wood beams. Building with steel can also reduce costs in several ways. For example, less labour may be required and the lighter weight can reduce shipping costs. In addition, it can simplify the structural support systems as well as the building foundation which can further reduce costs.

3. Saving Money

Everyone knows money is such a huge factor in virtually anything and everything, so when there is the possibility of saving it, people will jump at the chance. As mentioned, labour costs from decreased construction time is probably the biggest factor when it comes to saving money, but there are also other ways that money can be saved. Since steel can be recycled, using recycled steel saves money. Steel’s durability also means there is less maintenance involved, making it an ideal choice for the owners of buildings. Repairs and replacements are dramatically minimized, even after decades. This can save building owners a huge amount of money. The price of manufacturing structural steel has also come down and this decrease in cost is passed on to consumers.

Steel structures can also withstand whatever elements are thrown at it. It is also not susceptible to decay or pest infestation. This means that insurance premiums are lower. In addition, because of faster construction, there will be less interest payments to a lender.

4. Steel Is Versatile

Nothing quite matches the versatility of steel. Structural steel can be moulded into almost any shape or look which is why it is such an attractive option. It is safe, strong and durable which is why it is used for constructing so many buildings, sports arenas, airplane hangars and just about anything else.

Add the fact that it is also better for the environment in many ways and you virtually have the best solution for building needs. All things considered, nothing can beat steel making it the best building option.