The Top 10 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants A Divorce

March 30, 2019 0

A marriage can be fulfilling if you and your partner work on the relationship. No doubt, it is hard, but you can save a marriage if you see it best for you and your family’s future.

There will come a moment when your wife might feel that it is not worth going forward with the marriage. She withdraws from the marriage and lives a life as though she is single again. Maybe her patience has run out and she tried to reconcile, but nothing worked. You can prevent the break-up or you can respect your wife’s wishes and proceed with the divorce. It depends on what you want and decide.

However, remember that no wife will want to leave a perfectly happy and fulfilling marriage. If you love your wife, you can stop her from wanting to leave. Know certain warning signs can help you be better prepared to make the right decision for you and your family: Here are the top 10 warning signs your wife wants a divorce.

1. Change in affection

You and your wife are no longer as intimate as before. You wife shows no interest in your affection and finds excuses to be alone or avoid the moment. You will feel a million miles apart. She always turns onto one side when in bed and does not kiss you goodnight. If you notice this behaviour happening, these are potentially warning signs your wife wants a divorce.

2. Disinterest in future plans

Plans for the future are avoided or postponed. Travel plans, home renovations and investments will not interest them. If you find yourself in this situation, you will know for sure that something is wrong. A lack of interest is almost always one of the surest warning signs your wife wants a divorce.

3. Lack in communication

Your wife stops talking at home. She might just say a few words, but she tries to keep busy so that she does not have to communicate with you. She keeps avoiding a conversation, remains silent for long periods of time or even cuts off communications. Communication is key for a successful marriage. If it breaks down, you know for sure your wife has mixed emotions and thinking of divorce.

4. Halt in arguing

When the fighting stops, you may think it is a good thing. You believe that your marriage is going well since the arguments have stopped. However, chances are that your wife sees no point to fighting. Emotional hot topics no longer triggers your wife. Whenever the arguing stops, this could be one of the warning signs your wife wants a divorce.

5. Spending more time alone

Do you find yourself going out by yourself for the grocery shopping, events and other social events? It means your wife does not want to be around you and prefers to spend time alone or go out herself. Outings, parties and other events that you two enjoy, no longer interests her.

You might also notice that you wife spends more time with your children without you. It is good for parents to spend time with their kids together and separately, but if the latter is more common, you can be sure of a divorce.

6. Stop confiding

Your wife does not confide with you on serious matters. She makes decisions on her own and you find out about them. Normally you will talk about everything even the most difficult issues that might disappoint one of you. You might hear information from others about your wife that you did not know about. If your wife is keeping things from you, it means she no longer trusts you to confide in you. This can be a recipe for divorce.

7. Making big changes

You will notice you wife working out, reducing weight, changing her wardrobe, putting on more make-up and attending more social functions alone. As a general rule of thumb, any drastic and abrupt changes are usually warning signs your wife wants a divorce.

8. No longer cares

Your wife no longer cares about you and the family as a whole. She does not try to resolve any of the family problems. She does not care about what happens to you during the day. She shows no interest in helping you solve your problems. If you want to save your marriage, find out why your wife has given up on you and resolving family issues together. When she stops listening, you know she is not interested in you.

9. Involved with another man

There might be another man that makes your wife feel important and needed. She might find the other person her exact match and someone she wants to be with for the rest of her life. The other man offers her emotional support and treats her the way she expects to be treated.

10. Talks about leaving

Does your wife always say that she wants to leave especially during a big argument? If your answer is yes, this is a big red flag. Do not take it lightly. It means she has been thinking about divorce for some time now. Sometimes your wife can say it to hurt you, but if she keeps repeating it, then you definitely have to resolve the issue before it is too late.