The 7 Coolest Features of a Wireless Alarm System

June 18, 2018 0

Modern home security has transitioned to wireless technology. Motion detector alarm systems for driveways can keep homeowners and their property safe and secure. It detects people, bicycles or vehicles that enter the driveway. It can be the first line of defense that can scare off intruders before they reach the entrance door.

Most importantly, it provides early warning for the tenants to take precaution, call the police and to find a safe place within the home until help arrives. There are many types of wireless motion detector driveway systems, but they all operate with the same basic principle. They have two main components the sensor and receiver. Here are the features of a wireless driveway alarm system:

1- Sensor

The sensor is set up outside near the driveway. It is the backbone of the home security system. It detects motion in your driveway and interfaces with your security hub. It can also alert you by phone. Once the sensor detects the intruder, vehicle or large animals at the monitored location, it relays the signal from the sensor to the receiver. Motion sensors come with customized sounds so you know where the motion occurs without having to look. There are different types of sensors such as passive infrared technology or electromagnetic detectors. Choose the one that benefits your home security system.

2- Receiver

 The receiver can be mounted in any location within the home. It will sound an alert by picking up signals from the sensor or transmitter. The alert can be set up with different sounds and how long you want the sound to last. You can also record a voice that warns you that an intruder is in your driveway.

3- Range

The motion sensor alarm systems offer a range between the sensor and receiver. A sensor is weatherproof, designed to withstand various weather conditions such as rain and snow. During these conditions it can work without interference. When purchasing a driveway motion sensor alarm system, find out the maximum range that can be covered between the sensors and receivers.

4- Customization

Wireless driveway alarms are easily customized. You can set them up for different locations of your driveway if you have two or three entrances providing you with greater coverage. You can install receivers in each room and obtain a portable receiver. Different sounds can be configured with varying lengths and a voice message to indicate the exact location of the intruder. The best part of these systems is that they can be connected to your home alarm system for greater protection. It also has a way to minimize false alarms by lowering the sensitivity to ignore very small objects, debris or rodents such as a squirrel or mouse.

5- Portability

There are receivers that can be carried around on your belt loop, in your pocket or even as a wrist wrap. The receivers can vibrate and at the same time set out a chime so you can never miss the alert. With portable receivers you can roam around your home and still be aware of any home intrusion. Portable receivers are not heavy and are extremely compact, designed to fit in a pocket.

6- Easy installation

 Wireless driveway motion sensors and security systems are easy to install as no wiring is required. They can be placed anywhere and out of sight within a workable range. This way intruders cannot see the alarm system when approaching your driveway.

7- Disguising options

If you still want to be discreet with your wireless alarm system, you can opt for a disguise for your system. Limited suppliers of driveway security systems offer disguise options such as a bird house to hide the sensor from visibility.