The 7 Common Restaurant Exhaust Fan Problems and Malfunctions

January 27, 2019 0

The last thing on your mind as a restaurant owner is if the restaurant’s exhaust fans have issues. You expect them to work flawlessly, and they do; for the most part. The issue here is that they sometimes malfunction, and when they do, they can cause serious problems worth worrying about.

Rather than wait for them to conk out, perform regular inspections to ensure all is well and get them repaired or replaced before they can cause an emergency.

Below are seven common restaurant exhaust fans problems and malfunctions you should be aware of.

1. Dirt Buildup

Accumulation of dirt around the various parts of the exhaust fan is a screaming sign they could malfunction any time. Dirt can hinder the smooth running of the motor and fans, compromising the efficiency of the system. To make sure the air being circulated by the exhaust fan is clean and fresh, clean your exhaust fan at least every three months.

2. Rattling Sound

Never ignore a rattling sound coming from your exhaust fans. The cause may be by loose or defective components. Check to see if there are screws that need tightening or components that may have fallen out of place. Broken parts can also cause a rattling sound. During an inspection, it is prudent to check for foreign objects inside the fan. Regularly servicing your exhaust fan would catch such problems before they become an emergency.

3. Motor Issues

Another cause of your restaurant’s exhaust fan malfunction is a failed motor. If you hear a strange overly loud noise coming from the fan, you most likely have a motor problem. A complete or partial motor burnout is a possible culprit. If this happens, the motor will stop working since electricity cannot flow through.

4. Total Power Failure

A burnt fuse is enough to cause you trouble. The fan can trip the circuit breaker, cutting off power into the system. The switch is another ignored part of the exhaust fan. Make sure it is not faulty. A loose power connection can also make your exhaust fans malfunction. A wrong voltage or excessive line drop are other potential causes of a fan’s failure.

5. Wiring

Let a professional electrician inspect your wiring to ensure it meets the recommended industry standards. Any loose or frayed wires can cause your exhaust fan to malfunction. Avoid movement around power connections. Depending on the location of your exhaust fan, the wires can melt. Exposed and uninsulated, the wires may short circuit, leading to possible motor burn out. To avoid such a scenario, regularly have your wiring inspected.

6. Buildup of Moisture

As vapour condenses around your exhaust fan, you will notice moisture dripping. This leads to staining of the surface beneath. The buildup of moisture is not good for your exhaust fan. You will have to remove the fans to check for excess moisture. Don’t expose your exhaust fan to intense moisture build up since this could lead to an uneven rotation of your fan.

7. Mechanical Failure

Your exhaust fan is a mechanical device subject to occasional failure. A loose bearing could lead to a malfunction; replace it. A loose shaft can also cause your exhaust fans to malfunction. A broken belt or a loose pulley should be a cause of concern. Load inertia is also a possible cause of exhaust fan trouble you should worry about. Lack of greasing also compromises the mechanical integrity of your exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans are essential in regulating the circulation of fresh air in your premises. Understanding potential problem areas that could affect their functionality is key for your business.