The 6 Key Questions About Your Business Apartment Rental

August 15, 2017 0

Many people are now choosing to stay in furnished apartments on business rather than selecting local hotels. For a short period of time, the luxury and comfort provided by furnished apartments can make the visitor feel right at home in a new city. But it isn’t always easy to find the ideal provider of furnished apartments in a new area of the world.

To help guide those planning a trip in the coming months, we’ll explain six questions to consider when choosing furnished apartments for a short stay, in this latest post.

1. What is the location?

The location of the furnished apartment is an all-important consideration to review before choosing a company. The location should be close enough to all the amenities so that you don’t have to go out of your way to take transit services to local stores. But it should also be in a neighbourhood in which you feel comfortable and at home. Sometimes, the downtown location isn’t ideal for those with young family members joining them on the trip.

2. What is the reputation?

Is the company experienced in offering furnished apartment rentals or are they a new provider in the industry? If you’re new to the furnished apartment rental process, you might consider selecting an experienced company as your first choice to ensure that all your needs are met. The experienced provider can help to walk you through the process so you know what to expect when you arrive.

In addition, a company that has many years’ experience within the local furnished apartment rental marketplace is also more likely to have more reviews online than a newer firm, giving you a greater understanding on the quality of their services.

3. What is included in the rental?

Before finalizing your booking and choosing a furnished rental apartment, you should take into consideration the items that are included within your apartment rental. For example, the rental should include a full range of furniture products and the company should provide you with information on the bedrooms and bathrooms in the apartment. Try to get this information in writing before you sign an agreement to rent the apartment.

4. What activities are in the local area?

When booking a furnished apartment rental, you should also consider the type of activities on offer in the local area. Does the area offer entertainment options? What about dining options in the area? Make sure that you have a full understanding on the opportunities available if you select the apartment for your trip.

5. What are the rules?

When booking a rental apartment, you’ll likely be given a list of rules by which you have to abide in order to secure your deposit once your rental period is over. These rules may involve noise restrictions, cleaning requirements and limits on the number of guests. Make sure that you pay close attention to the rules for the rental before you complete the booking.

6. What is the total cost?

When finalizing the booking for your apartment rental, take a look at the total cost of the rental service. This cost might include a security deposit or cleaning service, and it may also include additional fees. Ensure you have a full understanding on the finalized price before you move forward.

With a rising number of options available, it’s the ideal time to look into furnished apartment rentals for short-term stays across the globe. Speak with experts in your destination city to find an apartment that meets all of your visitor needs with precision.