The 5 Practical Uses for Fire Blankets

November 2, 2018 0

Fire blankets are made of fire resistant materials and can be used to extinguish small fires at home, outdoors or at the workplace. The blankets provide additional fire safety to fire extinguishers. They can work well for residences, offices and industries as they are highly effective in smothering fire.

These specialized blankets are easy to use and do not require much training.  Fire blankets are stored in an area where it can be accessed easily. It is never placed too close to where there can be a potential fire.

The main advantages of fire blankets are that they have unlimited shelf life and do not need much maintenance. These blankets are also able to protect a person from burning flames when they are exiting a building on fire. There are different sizes and types of blankets to use depending on the application. Here are some practical uses for a fire blanket:

1. For electrical fires

Fire can be caused due to a poorly wired outlet, damaged cords or overheated cords. A fire blanket can be effective and can be used by anyone. At the moment of fire, a person can be in panic. There is a possibility that they will struggle to operate sophisticated fire equipment.  A fire blanket on the other hand is easy to apply. Apart from having a fire blanket handy, always check all the electrical cords and outlets for any possible wear and tear.

2. For kitchen fires

There is always the possibility of the stove or frying pan overheating due to grease. These fires can happen at home or at restaurants. A fire blanket comes in good use for these types of fires as it can stop the fire and minimize equipment damage. The fire blanket should be placed in close range to the potential fire area for accessibility. It should not be placed directly at fire areas.

3. For industrial fires

The metal, automotive, aviation, construction and other similar industries work in high temperature environments.  High temperature resistant blankets are designed to protect against weld spark, spatter and flame. These blankets can be hung on walls, doors and windows to provide a fire protection barrier. Many of these blankets are constructed using glass fiber based fabric that is impregnated on both sides with a tough compounded silicone rubber coating.

This composition makes the blanket tough enough to withstand all types of contaminants including hydraulic oils. Fire blankets can extinguish flames at an early stage which can prevent fires, equipment damage, loss productivity and loss of life.

4. For clothes that catch on fire

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Fires can occur unexpectedly. There are many cases where a building is on fire and is burned down. The dangerous flames can claim the life of people trapped in the building or those trying to escape. The fire blanket can be used to wrap around people if their clothes catch on fire or to protect them as they attempt to escape a fire area.

Covering a person with the blanket cuts off the oxygen supply. This heat reflective blanket is flame proof. It minimizes the heat and the potential of a burn when the body is wrapped completely with the blanket. It should only be used when exiting or smothering a fire and never to enter an area on fire.

5. For outdoor fires

For outdoor fires that can start due to a grill, barbeque and overheated vehicle, it is important to try to have large fire blankets. This is because there is plenty of oxygen outdoor which can easily increase the fire. For these situations, it is ideal to keep a fire blanket handy in addition to a fire extinguisher.  If a flame ignites and gets out of control, immediately throw the blanket on the flames.