The 5 Powerful Features of VPS Hosting

November 25, 2017 0

Whether you’re managing a personal web-page, a blog, or a business website to better serve your customers, there will come a point where you will outgrow shared hosting options. As traffic increases to your website so too will the pressure on your hosting service. Most of the time websites are built on inexpensive shared hosting plans in order to save on cost, but these plans can only go so far.

While looking at possible solutions, it can be easy to get lost in the technical details, or intimidated by the increase in complexity that comes with more robust hosting options. While managing a dedicated server is indeed a huge jump in both technical detail and cost, there exists a much cheaper solution for the average growing website, and that is VPS hosting. Here are a few reasons why VPS hosting is worth considering.

1. VPS Hosting is inexpensive

One of the most important questions when looking to upgrade a service is typically the cost associated with doing so, but VPS hosting isn’t much harder on the wallet than shared hosting is. Shared hosting plans have a reputation for being the cheapest solution available, but the reality is VPS plans are about the same cost, if slightly more expensive.

The small increase in cost, however, provides a great deal of value. Shared hosting options are often unreliable and suffer downtime, especially as traffic increases and pressure is put on the host. VPS options can handle a much greater deal of traffic and can guarantee a near 100% uptime for your website.

2. VPS Hosting is reliable

For a growing business with an internet presence, it’s important to understand that reliable hosting with high uptime is key to succeeding in an internet marketplace. VPS hosting can alleviate most of those concerns. These benefits alone are valuable enough to justify the slight increase in cost for most businesses, but there are other significant reasons to consider VPS hosting as well.

3. VPS hosting is scalable

While shared hosting plans can quickly reach a wall, VPS options are highly scalable. VPS plans provide you with the option of starting out with just the resources you require, which keeps the cost low. As you build on your website and introduce more complex features and pages to it, you may find yourself needing more resources, and thats usually as simple as upgrading your plan to include whatever additional resources you need.

Having the ability to easily increase or decrease the number of resources you’re paying for as needed means that a well managed VPS hosted website can operate under a great deal of pressure without many concerns that you’ll reach a point where it’s no longer a feasible solution. This adds to its reliability and helps to guarantee that you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for.

4. VPS Hosting gives you more control

Your business’s identity is important, and your website is your business’s home on the internet, so it’s important that you’re able to customize it to your customers and business needs. VPS Hosting options provide a much greater degree of control over your website, often times even allowing root access to your VPS server.

With a greater degree of control comes the ability to install additional software, web apps, plugins and custom scripts. Furthermore, the additional access will allow you to fine tune and really understand where your resources are being used. This can help keep costs down, while at the same time optimizing your websites performance.

5. VPS Hosting provides a greater deal of customization

If the added layer of control isn’t something you need, however, it’s just as easy to operate your website with more managed software while still taking advantage of the plethora of other benefits that VPS hosting provides. All of these factors come together to make VPS hosting a great solution for any growing business or personal webpage.