The 5 Most Stylish Window Replacement Options

October 10, 2018 0

Don’t you think it’s time to replace your windows with more stylish options that reflect the beauty of your home?

You have a beautiful home. Everything about it is impressive. The lawn is perfectly manicured and neatly bounded by a beautiful curb. The interiors are done to perfection, and the décor is simply breathtaking. However, something needs to be done about your outdated, aging windows.

Stylish window replacements can transform your home into a neighbourhood showstopper. Here are some window replacement ideas to keep you on top of the most impressive homes list.

1. Awning and Casement

You should go for awning and casement if you are looking for elegant, classic, and fresh windows that add a dash of exquisite luxury and style. Awning and casement windows are both stylish and functional. They come with multi-point locks and triple weatherstrips that are highly energy efficient and comfort appropriate. Besides, their precisely engineered hinge system allows easy glass cleaning and flawless operation. The windows feature a variety of options such as a wide range of colours and brick mould.

2. Hung Windows

Hung windows give you the best of both worlds. They combine traditional and modern designs for enhanced performance. They are a splendid option for your window replacement if you are looking for something unique and stylish, not the usual run-of-the-mill types that almost every home in your neighbourhood features. Hung windows are also convenient and easy to clean. The also keep pests out besides the fact that they are easy to operate.

3. Slider Windows

Slider windows are energy efficient and are safe to operate. Whether you opt for the double or simple slider windows, they are the best your money can buy. They are easy to clean and have welded corners and quadruple weather stripping. If you are looking for a stylish window that also reduces noise, the slider design is just what you need. Besides, they come with high-quality locks and interior glazing beads to guarantee safety and peace of mind.

4. Bow and Bay Windows

These are a collection of 3 windows fixed at 25- to 45-degree angles. Bow windows feature 3 to 5 windows at between 10 and 15-degree angles. The two types of windows add a beautiful dimension to your home. You can take advantage of these windows to design a comfortable reading corner or to make your existing reading nook come alive. When combined with casement or double-hung window styles, bow or bay windows are just perfect.

5. Custom Windows

If none of the above window styles appeals to you, or if you are looking for that extra oomph, you can always go for a customized design as the perfect window replacement. The trick is to go for a design that you are most comfortable and happy with. If this is a fusion of other window styles or an entirely customized window replacement design, you get to choose what feels right for you. Both the exterior and interior of your windows can be customized to reflect your personal touch.

Customization presents limitless possibilities for beautifying your home. You can use customized window replacements in difficult-to-reach areas where windows don’t have to stay open, or in areas that have ample light.

Your home could soon be spotting stylish replacement windows that are both picturesque and of the highest quality in the market. Once you decide the impact you want your home to have, settle for a window replacement type that will complement the overall beauty of your home. The good news is that you are limited only by your imagination when choosing a window replacement design.