The 5 Guidelines to Equip Your Restaurant

November 10, 2017 0

Equipping your restaurant is the first step towards running a successful business. Restaurant’s that aren’t properly equipped can’t operate at the same level as places renowned for their food and service. Deciding what type of equipment to purchase quickly gets overwhelming if you’re a new restaurant owner. Check out the following five tips to help you equip your restaurant for success!

1. Make A List Before Diving Into Shopping

Getting clear on your equipment needs is the best way to use your budget. Equipping restaurants quickly gets expensive so it’s important to understand which items are necessities and which stuff can wait. You’ll need to account for furnishings such as tables and chairs and dishes such as serving trays, wine glasses, plates, pitchers and cutely. The type of restaurant you run will also dictate the type of food preparation equipment you buy. You’ll need to decide how many food processors, cutting boards, rotisseries and other pieces equipment you need to run your restaurant adequately. Making a list beforehand makes equipping your restaurant a much simpler task.

2. New Appliances Aren’t Always Better

Don’t fall into the trap of believing equipment is only good if it’s new. There are plenty of quality used restaurant equipment vendors that sell you high-quality equipment for pennies on the dollar. Equipment such as tables, chairs, and utensils are excellent to buy second hand. You can also usually find fridges and freezers second hand at a bargain price. Save your money for new appliances that are crucial to your restaurant. If you run a pizzeria, you’re better off investing in a new stone oven and saving money by buying fridges, freezers, and other necessities second hand.

3. If You Have A Bar, It Needs Its Own Equipment

When your bar is competing with your kitchen for equipment, things never turn out well. If you’re going to have an active bar, it needs to be equipped with its own utensils and appliances. The set up of your bar will depend on your restaurant’s theme, size and if you’re legally allowed to serve liquor. Your bar needs to be equipped with glasses, cutlery, cleaning supplies and possibly appliances such as a microwave or toaster.

4. Consult With A Restaurant Equipment Company

Restaurant equipment companies act as valuable resources for restaurant planning and can help you save money. These companies have many years of knowledge and expertise sourcing equipping and decorating restaurants. Restaurant equipment companies can direct you to quality second-hand vendors and make brand recommendations for your appliances. They’ll also help you ensure you have enough floor space to fit all your equipment. If you’re struggling to equip your restaurant, don’t hesitate to turn to the professionals for help.

5. Don’t Skimp On Tables & Chairs – They Are A Part Of Your Decor

While table and chairs are often excellent second-hand purchases, you can’t afford to neglect style or quality. The impact tables and chairs have on the decor and vibe of your restaurant is often underestimated. Uncomfortable chairs or chairs with dirty fabric are unappealing to your customers. Tables and chairs designed specifically for restaurants are made to last. Another thing to remember is that the tablecloths you choose will make a profound statement on your dining room. Tablecloths require constant care and can be expensive to maintain so keep this in mind when deciding between different materials. Don’t underestimate how much the look of your dining room will be affected by your tables, tablecloths, and chairs.

All in all, equipping your restaurant is a much easier task if you start with a plan. Don’t be afraid to buy second hand and get clear on which appliances are most crucial to your restaurant’s success. Following the tips in this blog post will make decorating your restaurant a breeze.