The 5 Characteristics of Steel Building Structures

December 18, 2017 0

Pre-fabricated is a term that is used to describe metal building systems that are engineered to fit together to make the desired end building. When these pre-fabricated pieces arrive on the job site, they require only a small amount of work to put them together. Almost like a steel building kit, many customers choose this option and with good reason for their commercial building construction.

Most commercial buildings have the goal of constructing a building rapidly with minimal labor costs. There are multiple benefits that businesses can enjoy from choosing pre-fabrication for their building needs.

1. Short construction time

Because these buildings are pre-fabricated, it will take less time to assemble them than it would other building types. The pre-engineered systems are designed for rapid construction and are easy to assemble even without prior construction knowledge. Buildings erected with other building materials such as cement can take many months to complete. Pre-fabricated steel buildings can usually be put up within days.

Businesses that need a space quickly will enjoy this benefit, allowing them to set up their space and open permanently to start making some profits. These steel buildings are also helpful in instances where a business has experienced incidents such as fires or floods. They can be erected quickly and can easily accommodate companies that need temporary space to operate out of while their main location is repaired.

2. Low construction costs

Although the cost of building a commercial building is never inexpensive, it is possible to save a fair amount of money by choosing pre-fabrication. Because these metal building systems have been designed to fit together easily and the components are prepared in a plant using automated processes, the cost of assembly is much less than a building completely built on-site.

Since the components arrive at the site ready to assembly, the skill level needed to put the building together is lower. The cost savings for both materials and labor can be significant, depending on the size of the building and the cost of labor in that particular area.

3. Durability

A commercial building is designed to last for years and these pre-fabricated buildings offer good value and longevity. Steel is an incredibly durable material that can withstand a range of extreme weather conditions from high winds, snow storms, and even earthquakes. Unlike organic materials, steel will not be susceptible to termites, rotting, or fire. There are even options available to reinforce steel from vandalism and most of the manufacturers today will offer their customers a warranty on the structures.

Most of the steel building structures are also treated with special coatings to protect the surfaces from corrosion. Companies who want a commercial building that will stand the test of time can be more confident with this choice.

4. Easily additions

Most businesses will change over time and those changes may mean needing to expand their commercial space. In the past, the most economical choice might have been simply to move to a newer, larger space. However, with pre-fabrication, the design can be quickly changed to expand the space as needed. Steel building designs can be modified before, during, and even after the building is completed to meet expansion needs.

It is possible to expand them by removing sidewalls, putting in new framework, and then adding wall and roof panels. Companies who anticipate growth over time should especially consider this benefit for their building.

5. Sustainable choice

The energy consumption of a building is a huge cost to businesses on a yearly basis. Companies that either want to save money on their energy bills or want to reduce their eco-footprint may want to consider steel pre-fabricated buildings. Choosing this type of system allows for greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs over time.

Many of the steel buildings are made from recycled materials, making them eco-friendly and attractive to businesses as well as the customers they serve meaning you can have a commercial space that meets your needs and at the same time do your part to help the environment.