The 5 Characteristics of a Good Lawyer

November 30, 2017 0

All employees have the right to be protected and to enjoy a good work-life balance. If you are facing issues at work that appear unjust, you might need to seek legal advice. Employment lawyers are specialists in handling mediation between employers and employees. They can even resolve conflict without having the issue taken to court.

Employment lawyers can ensure your protection and find positive ways to resolve your issues at work without any grievances where possible. However, choosing an employment lawyer from the many professionals can be a difficult and daunting task.

Here are some essential tips that can help in the selection of a good employment lawyer.

1. Consultation and the right fit

The lawyer will offer an initial consultation to allow both parties to understand the requirements of the case and for you to determine whether this lawyer will be suited to represent your interests. The consultation can be free or might include a fee. Don’t just focus on the lawyers that are offering free consultation, instead choose a lawyer based on reputation, years of operations and how well they can understand and represent your case. Generally, lawyers are happy to provide a free initial discussion. After these discussions, you will know which lawyer you feel comfortable with.

2. Payment

The lawyer you visit will explain all the fees and upfront costs including any payment plan that you can take advantage of. The lawyer that is transparent about their fee structure will help you put a financial plan together and offer stress-free payment options. Be wary of retainer contracts and review all the information before committing to obtaining the lawyer’s services. Finally, if you are paying fees upfront, find out what services it will cover.

3. Proven results

Lawyers will share their successful case and showcase complicated cases on their website and during the first consultation. Read through these cases to see how well the lawyer and law firm have solved these cases. A few websites provide testimonials from their clients for each of their in-house lawyers. This will help you to see how that lawyer helps solve different cases.

4. Knowledgeable

Employment law is complicated and constantly changing. The lawyer will ensure your case is handled by an expert in their organization who understands your issues, and has knowledge and experience in dealing with similar issues. They are able to discuss specific strategies on your case, give you candid advice on your rights, and instantly know what evidence to gather and what paperwork to submit.

5. Subject matter experts

There are lawyers who deal with all types of cases such as personal injury, employment law, wills and estates, commercial disputes and more. You want to have a lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of employment law as this field is complex and covers vast areas such as employment contracts, wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals, employment litigations, workplace investigations, harassment, termination and more.

Hiring an employment lawyer for serious workplace disloyalty is always a good decision, but you want to ensure you have the best lawyer representing you as the lawyer has to negotiate or mediate issues with an organization that has the resources to hire top defense lawyers.

Often at times you may not know when the company has crossed the line as there are unfair actions that are not illegal. You can first try to solve the issue yourself by discussing matters with your manager or the HR department within the organization. However, if the situation gets worse, then it is time to contact an experienced and reputable employment lawyer as companies dislike being in legal issues with current employees.