The 5 Benefits of Business Security Systems

December 10, 2017 0

A security system is not something that most businesses consider having. Most entrepreneurs want to believe that it is an unnecessary expense; an unnecessary expense that will have a negative impact on its profits and brand. The reality is just the opposite. Here are the reasons for why any business should consider a security system.

1. Decrease in Theft

It is not surprising that most criminals will avoid businesses that have security systems as potential targets. They do not want video evidence that can be used against them in a court trial. The camera is not like a human. Its eye witness account of criminal behaviour is believed by a judge and jury than a human’s eye witness account. The camera does not lie, nor does it have anything to gain from revealing its account.

A security system will not just help a business with its organized crime thefts. It will also help with its customer thefts (i.e. shoplifting), as well as its employee thefts. Employee thefts can remove 5% of a business’ revenue in one year. It is for this reason, that thefts caused by organized crime, shoplifters and employees are greatly decreased when businesses have security systems. They will all move to more favourable targets – businesses that do not have security systems.

2. Increase in Productivity

There will be an increase in employee productivity. Management teams will be able to ensure that customers are getting the shopping experience, that they are trying to brand. It is because there is a security camera on them, that employees will not play practical jokes on each other and avoid tasks by having bad behaviour (i.e. sleep, fraternizing, …).

More importantly, employees will be encouraged to apply upselling techniques and assist customers, which will increase the businesses’ average sale per customer. A security system will support the training, that is required to retain good customers.

3. Decrease in Lawsuits

There will be a decrease in lawsuits filed and lost. A business that has a security system is less likely to be targeted for lawsuits. Again, the cameras are the eye witness to an accident. There is less of a chance that a frivolous lawsuit will be filed or lost, when cameras are recording activity.

Most potential lawsuits can be handled in mediation versus in court. This will also decrease the costs of insurance for a business with a security system. Insurance companies prefer to insure businesses, that can reduce potential lawsuits. Not only do insurance companies prefer to insure these businesses, the insurance companies will give lower rates.

4. Increase in Community Engagement

There will be an increase in community engagement, when businesses have security systems. Security systems tend to make the community at large feel safe – most people believe that criminal activity and violence have decreased. This increase in feelings of safety will encourage community engagement, which increases sales and profits.

Not only will the community at large want to be more engaged, so will law enforcement offices. A security system will make law enforcement officers’ investigations a lot easier and they will be able to patrol these businesses more often.

5. Decrease in Stress

Lastly, the management team will have a decrease in stress, because the business security system is watching over the premise for them. They will be able to detect quickly areas of concern and send necessary resources in these areas. Losses will decrease, and profits will increase. This will translate to a decrease in stress and an increase in job satisfaction.