The 4 Stylish Brands of Leather Briefcases

October 2, 2017 0

Briefcases have a long history in the business of carrying money, jewels and valuables. And no briefcase is more valued for its look, feel and elegance than a leather briefcase. Some of the history of the briefcase goes back to the fourteenth century when people then would carry their cash in satchels that were called budgets. In short, they are a narrow hard-sided box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers and other documents and normally come equipped with a handle.

Some of the first to carry the modern briefcases were lawyers who used them to carry their briefs to the court. But today they are in widespread use by both women and men to carry important papers, and now electronic devices such as laptop computers and tablets. Some think that the Godillot company of Paris was the first to use a hinged iron frame on a kind of carpet bag back in 1826. After that came the Gladstone bag and eventually these bags became the modern metal-framed briefcase.

A leather briefcase continues to be the top of the class when it comes to the modern briefcase. It truly is the perfect bag for professionals like lawyers, accountants and any job role that requires the utmost professionalism, and good taste. And the Italian leather briefcase simply can’t be beat. Here are some of their leather briefcase models that typify that class and comfort.


This company makes a number of quality leather briefcases that you’d be happy to own and carry. They make professional formal large leather briefcases with reinforced stitching throughout the bag that provides support for the most vulnerable areas. Their bags are constructed of full grain oil tanned leather, and some feature many different compartments, including a section that can hold a 17” laptop in the included detachable high-density foam sleeve. The TUMI briefcases also have front and back zippered compartments that allow for quick and easy access of items along with a dedicated stationary section, as well as dividers for documents.


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SOLO has a line of classic collection Colombian leather briefcases that may be the most aesthetically pleasing leather briefcases, particularly for men. They have a simple buckle style, dowel rod top support and espresso exterior with a tan lining interior. In addition to the decorative buckles there are also magnetic snap tight closures. There is plenty of storage room with two medium pockets of equal size and a middle-padded laptop pocket with a Velcro secure that can hold laptops up to 16 inches. This is a great bag for people who work in non-formal offices, like the media, public relations and the fashion industry.

3. Visconti Apollo

Visconti is a British Italian producer of leather bags and briefcases for the last 15 years. Their Apollo line is both eye-catching and relatively inexpensive for a luxury-type briefcase. It has a strong and pleasant leather aroma and it is designed for people who are out to make an impression. It has a distressed oil brown leather body and an antique brass buckle and key lock. Inside there are two main compartments, with three zippered compartments in and between them. Other features include an open front pocket and to the rear, another zip pocket. This is a leather briefcase that exudes confidence and importance.

4. Kenneth Cole

The Kenneth Cole Reaction collection of leather bags and briefcases is almost in a class of its own, simply because of the range and variety of these beautiful carrying bags. At the very top of that list is the ‘Show Business’ Colombian leather briefcase. This is a casual and formal briefcase that can be used in many different scenarios with rich full grain cowhide leather that is both fine and soft. It is also very durable with a double gusset construction combined with thick and strong buckles, zippers and clasps. There are multiple secure compartments that are padded throughout and a large open pocket at the rear. This is a beautiful bag for business people who want to look beautiful at work.