The 4 Services of a Special Event Rental Company

October 13, 2017 0

You’re planning one of the most important events in your life, whether it is your wedding, a supremely important corporate event, a staple birthday party like a sweet sixteen, or any other kind of landmark event that you want to build up.

Going for an event planner is a good idea, but if you have a specific vision in mind and just a need a little help or just need the equipment, hiring a special event rental service. Special event rentals offer furniture that caters to your specific kind of events, like tents, table sets, décor, etc. It would not be a good idea to try to orchestrate your large-scale event with a rental service.

Here are a few ways that a special event rental service can make or break your special event:

1. They give you ideas with special event diagrams

You probably have an idea of how you want to plan out your special event, but why not take it a step further? Good special event rental services offer event planning diagrams which will show you whether or not all your guests will be able to fit, how to maximize the space you’re using at the rental site, and fully adapt the rental tent or furniture set up to cater to your type of event.

Do not leave all the planning and furniture allocation to the last minute, it is important to map everything out sooner rather than later. A visual representation to how your event will look is an extremely helpful feature that most special event rentals should offer.

2. Offers event site checks

Another important feature that special event rentals offer is the event site check, ensuring that your event is moving smoothly at every step. The bigger the event, the more important this step is. What this process entails is that an event specialist will visit the site where your event will take place (whether its an event hall or a plot of green where a tent will be set up).

The specialist will want to get a sense of what you are planning, what your budget is, what the event type is meant to be, etc. They will offer suggestions and help you when you get stuck – all for an event that perfectly fits with the space you are renting. If there are any foreseeable problems, the specialist will point them out and help you overcome these issues. It is all part of the package when you go with a reputable special event rental service.

3. Set up and take down services

One of the most pressing things you are probably worrying about is how to effectively set up and take down all of the furniture you are renting – leaving space you rented as clean as it was when you got there. Obviously, the process take a bit of work.

Special event rental services actually provide the handiwork necessary to set everything up without an issue. If it is a reputable service, then their team will have expertise in décor, like folding napkins and arranging flowers. The set up should be quick and with the least amount of burden as possible.

4. They come with an event manager

Every step of the way included people with some level of expertise as far as event planning goes. The event manager is at the top of that talent, providing expertise at every step of the way. They will take charge of planning for the space, food décor, and agenda. All the while, they will take your interests to heart and make sure that the event goes smoothly.