The 4 Rules of Patio Furniture for Homeowners

December 4, 2017 0

Decorating your outdoor space has perhaps never been as fulfilling as with patio furniture. The more creative you can be, whether your style is modern, elegant, traditional, urban, or else, the more you will want to be a part of your outdoor space. On the same note, the more a part of it you feel, the more welcomed others will feel by it. These design tips will help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Start here…

1. Get furniture that “feels right”

When scouting furniture to fill your outdoor space, trust your gut – it’s usually (always) right. Though this could be hard if you live with a roommate, or perhaps a spouse, what has worked in our experience is designating a design lead in the household to drive the design strategy. Put someone in the passenger’s seat that’s comfortable being there. This person should trust your instinct as the design lead in your remodeling project. The right patio furniture will speak to you and make you feel confident. By way of showing your confidence, your partner will feel just as assured. Go for the style you want. Trust your intuition.

2. Get complementary fixtures

If your taste is eclectic, get lighting or upholstery fixtures that complement your patio furniture. Bright primary colors are complemented by their equal and opposite on the color chart. In retrospect, more elegant furniture is complemented by dainty, charming lighting. Enliven a blank wall with flora. Think outside the box – anything is possible with your outdoor space. Do not limit yourself. Do research to create your ideal space within your budget and vision. Do not settle for anything lesser than what you find most valuable. Have fun creating your outdoor space, and be mindful of your environment in the process. Be practical, but individualized. Do not sacrifice when it comes to quality.

3. Plant around your furniture

Gardening is another complimentary feature to any good set of patio furniture. Complement your new Shanghai Market Umbrella with orchids, or a simple Market Umbrella with black frame with tulips. As with your indoor space, think about how your outdoor space works together to create balance and harmony. Do not be afraid to scout new trees or other plants to support your new patio furniture aesthetic.

4. Fabric for the “fabric of life”

The fabrics you choose for your new outdoor patio furniture will seriously make a huge difference. This also falls under getting furniture that “feels right” physically. Though upon first glance, you may become emotionally attached to the geometric shape of a good umbrella, what sits under it, whether it be an outdoor couch, set of chairs with a matching table, or else, the fabric you choose to sit on should be equally sustainable and attractive.

You need a fabric that will maintain itself despite weather conditions. You never know when you won’t be able to bring your outdoor patio furniture to shelter through a storm. The better prepared you are with sustainable fabric, the better your chances for keeping your new furniture longer. Quality fabric is worth the investment, always. It’s not just color or pattern you should concern over, though it tends to be the most fun – we’ll admit!

Have fun with your design. Do not be afraid to invest in something that feels abstract or new. The flavor of your overall space should reflect your personality, or you and your partner’s. Leave room for change, but always create a space of absolute comfort, individuality, and serenity. It’s yours to enjoy. The only rule you should have is to enjoy the process of decorating it.