The 4 Perks of Wearing Birkenstocks

January 2, 2018 0

When choosing sandals, there are many styles and brands on the market with the companies that manufacture them competing for your business. While some have been more successful than others, Birkenstock is the reigning champion. In business for over 230 years, this German company has consistently produced sandals that have topped overall sandal sales time and time again.

Known for their elegant yet simple designs and molded foot beds, there are plenty of advantages to choosing Birkenstocks if you are in the market for sandals and want the absolute best available.

1. Comfort

No matter what activities you take on throughout the course of your day, you want your feet to be comfortable or you will be sore and will not enjoy yourself. Usually, sandals are made to keep feet cool, not to provide any comfort at all as your feet shift around in them constantly. Birkenstocks are popular because they are appropriate and versatile in most situations and provide the comfort you need. These sandals have foot beds that are wide and contoured, providing extra space for your feet and a mold that they can adjust to.

The cork and rubber provide stability and provide cushions for your feet that will put them at ease every time you put them on. Some designs are equipped with a back-strap that wraps around your heel, providing even more support by keeping your feet from slipping.

2. Style

If you are set on wearing sandals on a given occasion you want to ensure that they are the style and colour that will go well with what you are wearing. Birkenstocks offer hundreds of designs that will allow you to get a pair that will complement your look perfectly.

Popular due to their simple yet elegant suede and leather designs, Birkenstocks look fantastic with jeans, dresses, pants, and shorts. If the desire to be different is present, they can be purchased with different types of buckles and straps as well as in unique colours such as red, green, and blue.

3. Long-lasting

Whenever you buy something you want it to last a long time, so you can get your money’s worth and footwear is no different. The principal reason why Birkenstocks have been in business for over 200 years is because of the work that has been put into perfecting a comfortable sandal and how durable and well-built they are.

While most sandals begin to wear down over time, Birkenstocks are unique because the longer you have them and the more you wear them, they will mold better to your feet. The cork in the foot beds may need occasional repair but this is rare with the original materials lasting for years.

4. Supportive

Not only are Birkenstocks comfortable, they are supportive. These sandals have a heel that resembles a deep cup, allowing for a better hold on your foot and decreasing instances of shifting that can result in blisters and injuries. Arches along the sides of the foot beds give increased support to your feet. Present in every pair of Birkenstocks, is a toe bar that keeps your toes firmly planted and prevents your feet from shifting around that leads to noticeable discomfort.

Birkenstocks can be instrumental in easing symptoms of medical conditions as well. Plantar fasciitis is the weakness and irritation of the tissue between the heel and toes. The arch that Birkenstocks give to the foot provides tremendous relief to sufferers of this ailment, allowing them to complete tasks and participate in activities that would not have been possible before. The padded, cushiony foot beds also provide relief to those with knee and joint problems, giving the support needed when one needs to stay on their feet.