The 4 Lessons You Can Learn From Studying Your DNA

June 24, 2018 0

As living creatures, DNA is essential to our existence. DNA is a molecule which is essential to life, and every living creature possesses its own set of DNA. DNA is short for Deoxyribonucleic acid, and it contains all of the information which is required to build a life within it. As one might expect, DNA is a complex, interesting molecule which scientists have spent years trying to better understand.

An interesting characteristic of DNA is that it very literally contains each individual’s genetic history within it. As a result, DNA can be used to discover a lot of information about someone, ranging from their genetic genealogy to various types of health information.

Scientists have spent years identifying and collecting data about specific strands of DNA, and large databanks of information about DNA have been established to disseminate this information if necessary. Just a few short years ago, DNA tests were reserved strictly for complex medical purposes, determining parentage, legal purposes and several other niche areas of expertise.

Today, however, simple DNA tests are readily available for consumers who wish to better understand their bodies and heritage. Taking a DNA test is easy, as it usually only requires a gentle swab of the cheek, and in a matter of weeks, the secrets hidden within your DNA can be made available to you. Below, we’re going to look at few reasons why you might want to get a personal DNA test.

1. DNA Tests Have Become More Reliable

Upon receiving your DNA, scientists are able to compare your DNA against hundreds of thousands of other unique strands of DNA in order to identify specific patterns and strands which are indicative of a variety of things. DNA databases are constantly growing, and the accuracy of tests continues to soar as a result. It’s important to note that DNA testing isn’t infallible, and false positives can appear, among other complications. The complexity of each strand of DNA can’t be understated, and errors can occur as a result. However, modern tests are quite reliable, especially for determining a variety of health-related information, and genealogy.

2. Discover Your Heritage

Those who are curious about their heritage and genealogy can benefit heavily from a simple DNA test. Each individual human being carries what’s known as mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited specifically from an individual’s mother, and once identified and studied, can be used to help determine one’s genealogy.

Genealogical testing is performed similarly to most DNA tests, with a simple cheek swab. By testing for and analysing various genetic markers, you can discover details about your ancestors and how they migrated. Tests can be used to identify the likely place of origin of your ancestors and provide a breakdown of what percentage of your heritage is tied to each continental group.

3. A Deep Dive Into Your Health

One of the key benefits of modern DNA testing is the ability to take a magnifying glass to your health, both in the present and the future. By performing DNA testing, it’s possible to determine an individual’s susceptibility to many significant health conditions. DNA testing can tell you how likely you are to encounter various cancers in your lifetime, conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and identify recessive genes within your DNA. Health tests can also inform you of conditions which you have the potential to pass on to a child, or if that’s even a concern at all. While this can be a lot to take in, it’s important to remember that it usually only determines susceptibility, and there are usually steps you can take to improve your odds.

4. Take Control of Your Body

Health tests allow you to take better control of your own body and health. Although you may see a negative result or two, taking measures early on to improve your health in a variety of ways can help significantly in staving off future conditions. Depending on the condition, it may be preventable all together with some preparation. However, you may not receive any particularly alarming results at all.

No matter the reason you may seek out a DNA test, you can rest assured that the results are as accurate as can be, and move forward in life with a renewed understanding of your heritage wellbeing.