The 4 Guidelines of Timesheet Software

December 15, 2017 0

If you are running a business on your own and charge by the hour, or if you are running a business and need to pay employees by the hour, you should be looking for timesheet software to ensure that all payments are precise and honest.

For people running their own hourly-based business, this helps to ensure that clients are not being charged for hours that were not worked. For companies who use timesheet software for their employees, they can make sure those employees are paid for their time worked in an effective manner. Timesheet software can also help keep deadlines on track, and can make many processes easier.

1. Benefits of using timesheet software

This software keeps employees accountable for their tasks. It can also provide employers insight on where and when people are wasting time, or what tasks take a lot of time out of an employee’s day.

Timesheet software is more accurate than a paper copy, as it is all done digitally using computer power. This leaves much less space for human error. It is also much more difficult to lose a timesheet that has been digitized than it is to lose a hard copy that could get mixed up in piles of papers or damaged.

There are many features of timesheet software that can automate a number of other processes that rely on the timesheet data, such as invoicing, billing, or task management.

Now it is mobile friendly too. It is really difficult to run any system nowadays that is not mobile friendly. With everybody on the go and using their phones for so many things, it is a necessary feature. Now you can access your timesheet software on the go, as can your employees.

2. Choosing a software

There are many different kinds of timesheet software systems, however there are some factors which will dictate which software system is best for you. Some are better for individuals, others are better for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Other factors include which industry you are in and which features you find most necessary and useful in a timesheet software.

You may want to consider whether you would like a cloud-based software or an online software. Be cautious as some companies forbid cloud-based software. Many timesheet software systems can be switched from one to the other, should you ever change your mind.

3. It doesn’t have to be complex

If you find that some of those fully-loaded timesheet software solutions are too much for your needs, it is still possible to find programs that are a little more basic. Or, you can choose a system that has it all and use it for your needs, then you have all of those option should you decide to explore those extra options in the future.

4. Different types of software

There are two types of timesheet software you can find, depending on your preferences and needs.

Timesheet software allows users to manually fill in the time they spend on any given task. This is more like a traditional timesheet, except it is digital and more easily accessible to those who need it.

Time-tracking/recording is a more automated process where the computer records how much time is being spent on a specific task. This is a good system if you would like the computer to provide you with additional data like how long people are spending on certain tasks, what people are spending the most time on, or when and on what people are wasting their time.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to a timesheet software. Take your pick.