The 4 Best Tips to Design Your Bachelor Pad

June 15, 2018 0

If you live in a bachelor pad, the living room is most likely the place that you will spend the most time. Well, now’s your chance to spruce it up and make it look absolutely awesome. You can have interesting items in your living room and also have comfortable seating and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You can make your place look sleek and sophisticated and still remain masculine. So let’s take a look at improving your living room decor by following some tips that will have you living in a place that will be the envy of every guy.

1. Make Use Of Striking Colours

You can make use of striking colours in your living room. This will surely catch the eye of all your visitors. Use different paint instead of white which is such a common living room colour, though there is nothing wrong with it, After all, white does work, but have a go at something different, perhaps in keeping with your personality.

2. Lighting

There are so many choices as far as lighting is concerned. You can make use of a wide variety and pick something that will impress your friends but will also be functional. You can use multiple layers. You can certainly have candles about, perhaps the odd lantern as well which will definitely add some romance and charm to your living room. Also try elevating the lighting. Using a wall sconce is definitely a ‘bright’ idea. How about a spotlight on a tripod stand? Now, how many people do you know who have a spotlight in their living room? How cool is that? You’re welcome!

3. Forget The Futon

Maybe you have been a futon kind of guy in the past. While there is nothing wrong in it and in some ways, it is still a good idea, try going back to the sofa. Quite a few bachelor pads do not have the greatest seating, especially if a few friends come over. Get yourself a nice large sofa. These are great for when you entertain people but it is kind of nice just to crash and do some reading or watch TV on your own. Then there are recliners as well. This will be a cool addition to a bachelor pad. This can offer incredible comfort with padded, rolled arms and you don’t have to sacrifice style at all.

4. Stylish Accessories

There is no harm in adding some decorations and artsy living room furniture to your place. Some guys may have a problem with this, but really, it’s cool, so relax guys! Wall art is always eye-catching. Nothing like an interesting painting or even old photographs to make it a topic of conversation. Add unique bookends to your bookcase. Instead of the usual ones that look like a bent spatula, perhaps dragon bookends, medieval knights bookends or bronze horse bookends are more to your taste.

Don’t forget rugs. Think of rugs as the artwork for the floor. It can be the last piece of the puzzle and it can tie everything up together very nicely. Rugs can beautifully blend right in to your decor yet, it can be dramatic and make a big impact.