The 3 Essential Basics of Wine Tasting

July 17, 2018 0

Wine is an incredibly popular drink all over the world. Many people drink it on its own and it can also be enjoyed while you have dinner. Not everyone is a wine expert, but at the same time, many people also do not have any clue about it! However, that’s okay as well.

Some people may want to learn a little more about wine. They want to gain some knowledge about it so that they can make better choices and know which ones to buy for themselves or for someone else. This simple guide can help you understand a little more about the world of wine, so that you can become an expert in buying wine online.

1. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a bit of an art but that does not mean you cannot explore it. You do not have to be an expert. Learning about wine tasting can actually be quite fun! You will learn to fine-tune your skills but you need to put in the effort. For one thing, your nose is just as important in wine tasting. It is almost as if your nose and palate have to work in tandem to appreciate wine tasting. You have to sniff wine and try to isolate flavours.

Go with your own, natural approach and stick with it while staying focused. Sometimes, whether you are at home, at a party or in a restaurant, try to hone your skills. Concentrate completely on the glass of wine and pay attention to its flavours, scents, appearance and finish.

2. Judging & Understanding Are Different

There is a big difference between passing a quick judgment on a wine and truly evaluating and understanding it. By tasting it properly, you will be able to identify what the main flavour is, as well as the scents that go along with it. You will slowly learn some of the basic characteristics of the grapes as well as for some blended wines from regions that produce high-quality wines. Eventually, you may even be able to put your finger on a particular flaw in a bad wine.

3. Discovering Flaws

Speaking of flaws, this is something you may want to master. You do not have to be an expert to know that there are some pretty bad wines around. Here is the surprising thing though; not all of them are cheap! Sometimes, there are some wines that, because of the price, may make you think it must be good, but that is not necessarily true.

There are several reasons why a wine can be of a poor quality. Sometimes, it could just be plain old bad winemaking. Sometimes, it can be due to bad corks and other times, it may be down to poor storage. So, if you go to a restaurant and order a bottle of wine, you want it to taste the way it was meant to taste. You cannot expect the staff to replaced a wine that’s corked. You need to know yourself, since you have to approve of it.

Remember that you can buy wine online too. If your local wine store or restaurant does not carry a particular wine, you may be able to get it online. You may be able to find some true gems that will be shipped to you. Make sure to sniff it, taste it and then kick back and relax and enjoy it. Cheers!