More Leads and Sales: 4 Key Features of Real Estate CRM

September 1, 2017 0

Real estate is a difficult profession. There is a lot of competition and tons of challenges. real estate CRM can’t help with all of these things, but it can make being a real estate agent easier to manage. The bottom line about real estate CRM is that it works to deliver more leads which a good real estate agent can turn into more customers and more sales.

Most real estate agents have already figured this out and that’s why real estate CRM is so popular amongst real estate high earners. Those who don’t utilize real estate CRM don’t tend to last very long in the business.

1. Access information quickly

Restate professionals have to be agile and fast at the same time. But they need the tools to maintain their current customers and attract new business. Real estate CRM lets them do both. Most real estate CRM packages consist of a software packages with a lead capture website. This website offers visitors a gift for their contact information like an e-book on the local real estate market.

That contact information is then forwarded to the real estate agent so they can follow up. That follow up could be by email or telephone. Once the real-life contact has been made the real estate agent can schedule a visit with the contact to find out their real estate needs.

2. Improves customer management

Real estate CRM is basically customer management software that has been specifically designed for real estate agents and professionals. It is directly related to real estate and uses common real estate terms so it can help them do their job better.

Most real estate CRM programs have a few common features and qualities. This includes an initial contact management system and an email autoresponder. These two elements allow real estate agents to make contact and then develop an on-going relationship with them. It increases their reach in the community and subsequently their leads and potential customer base. It also helps them to maintain their relationship with current and returning clients.

3. Organizes sales data

Real estate CRM offers tangible benefits for real estate professionals. It helps them to organize all of their sales data and information like client and prospect contact information in one place. It allows them to work in tandem with other real estate agents in their office or brokerage and to share information and resources across the company.

Real estate CRM automatically gathers basic information like contact profiles, with automated reminders and additional ways to generate more leads and possibilities. These systems relieve some of the paperwork and a lot of the headaches that often accompany trying to generate new business in such a competitive field.

4. Improves process efficiency

There are a number of steps or processes in the real estate CRM system. It starts with the lead capture website that always offers the real estate website visitor something of value in return for their email information. Then the CRM software will notify the real estate agent or agency about the contact and start sending automated email messages, seeking to keep them until the real estate agent can contact them personally. All of this is a prelude to a phone call from the agent that seeks to set up a meeting with the new contact.

This meeting is hopefully the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the two that leads to more real estate business and happy and contented customers in the future. That is the whole purpose of real estate CRM, to build new and positive relationships for the real estate professional.