7 Best Industries to Get Into for Entrepreneurs

March 14, 2021 0

Careers are no longer supposed to be a linear journey for the individual. The age, old advice would see someone working at a company for a particular number of years. Afterwards, they would retire, and ride off to the sunset. Currently, that linear pathway does not have to apply.

This largely comes down to the fact that there are a plethora of ways to make a sustainable income. If you are keen on the idea, there are various industries in which you could make a significant breakthrough in. Whether you are planning to start a business, or simply looking for a career change, fear not.

Here are seven best industries to get into for new entrepreneurs:

1. Brand Strategy Industry

Marketing will always be a necessary component of business. Companies can only thrive as long as their name brings value to the consumer. As such, getting the name out there into wider society requires a sound marketing plan. In the advent of social media dominating the digital landscape, consider working as a brand strategist.

This is a relatively new position within marketing pathways, given that traditional rules don’t apply. A brand strategist is responsible for leveraging the power of social media to the company’s benefit. They will also liaise with other department heads, in order to plan out their strategizing accordingly.

2. Artificial Intelligence Industry

Artificial intelligence is one of the best industries to get into. Our society, and, by extension, the workforce, is dominated by the impact of artificial intelligence. Known as AI, these computer systems are so sophisticated, that they encompass major parts of our life. From transportation to communications, the Canada AI industry will have an impact in some form or another.

Not surprisingly, this will continue well into the future as well. As a result, the need for AI developers will rise with the increasing demand. If you are willing to dedicate hours to learning programming and advanced mathematics, it can be very rewarding. Plus, the projects you develop will have a large impact on people!

3. Hospitality Industry

As newer industries replace the older ones, some areas simply do not go out of style. The restaurant and hospitality industry is the prime example of this sentiment. Restaurants function as a major component of overall society; they are places to socialize over a nice meal. Having said that, they can be very exciting to get into.

Restaurant owners can either operate as part of a larger chain, or as a small business owner. Whichever path you decide to take, it will necessitate the need for long hours of work. If you think you can handle it, you’re already on your way! The customer relationships you make along the way will be invaluable.

4. New Media Industry

The established media organizations are no longer the only ways in which you can earn a living. The rise in technology has brought forward a myriad of platforms to host your own ideas. For example, if enough work is put towards the channel, YouTube can be a lucrative opportunity.

In addition, video gamers can now make huge dividends just off of their games. By setting up a streaming channel, through a platform such as Twitch, it is an easy way to bring in viewers. This sentiment is reflected in just how popular new media has become. There is no shortage of growth in these platforms for the foreseeable future!

5. Web Development Industry

Tech is another industry that has been on a big trajectory in recent years. The need for developers has only increased, which can provide great opportunities to those interested. There are a number of advantages to moving forward with this subsection of the industry. First, you may not need a degree to get a job.

Moreover, you have significant areas and routes to explore. From the aforementioned AI, to web design, there is a career path out there for all who choose to go ahead with it. The higher salaries that come attached with the industry don’t hurt either!

6. Fitness & Wellness Industry

Our bodies need to be taken care of as much as possible. However, you no longer have to consider becoming a doctor, just to learn about health. The fitness and wellness industries are surging in popularity. If you love helping others get into the best version of themselves, you’ll find an opportunity here.

7. Miscellaneous Business Industry

Even if you don’t know what sort of industry you specifically want to get into, starting a business doesn’t hurt. Your company can encompass a wide assortment of areas, all of which can turn into a profit.

As the decades come and go, newer industries will inevitably rise, while others will fade into the sunset. If you have the time, and wherewithal to do it, consider participating in an industry you are interested in. The rewards are definitely worth the long hours of work!