The 5 Perks of Pursuing a Career in Dentistry

September 9, 2017 0

There are many reasons why a career as a dental assistant is appealing. From a young age, when you first had to have your teeth cleaned, you’ve probably noticed that the dental assistants are generally very nice people. After all, they have to comfort you before the scary dentist comes in. Their role extends far beyond putting nervous patients at ease, though. It is a highly professional job that requires many different skill sets.

That said, it’s not a job for everyone. It certainly takes a certain kind of person to do the job effectively; one with organization skills, people skills, and an eye for detail. Still interested? Read on! Here are the five reasons you should pursue a career as a dental assistant.

1. They Have a Lot of Responsibilities

Dental assistants have a wide range of responsibilities, and aren’t just there to pass tools to the dentist. In fact, their list of duties is long and will suit anyone aspiring to work in a busy environment that requires as much people skills as it does technical knowledge about dentistry, not to mention basic administrative tasks. There are professional dental assistant courses to provide the required training to do their jobs.

2. It’s a Growing Career Field

As many traditional industries are declining or becoming redundant or replaced by automation, it’s more important than ever to look toward a career that has upward growth. Fortunately, health care is one of the fastest growing industries in North America, with dental assisting included. Over the next ten years, job growth is expected in increase by 25 percent over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With growing populations, denser urban areas, and more people moving to cities from rural areas, there will be a great demand for dental assistants in busy dental offices. Not to mention a growing elderly population, who will need additional dental care.

3. High Job Satisfaction

Perhaps the biggest advantage to being a dental assistant is that it utilizes many qualities that they are happy to use on a daily basis. Dental assistants have a high job satisfaction as a result. They are passionate people who love to help people (and are especially good with children), and to meet new people, and participate in exciting, fast-paced work.

They love to help patients feel at ease during times of stress, and to make people flash their newly cleaned pearls when the work is done. This isn’t a mere job for them; it’s an extension of their lifestyle and personality. If these qualities sound like you, then you are probably suited for a career in dental assisting.

4. Clean, Quiet Work Environment

The work environment is one of the best aspects of being a dental assistant. It’s clean, bright, indoors, and always professional. Many dental offices have a modern aesthetic with qualities designed to put people at ease, such as fish tanks, coffee makers, and relaxing music on the radio. Aside from the noise from some of the dental equipment, it is also relatively quiet and peaceful.

Of course, you will also be required to wear a surgical mask, gloves, and dental smock, so make sure that you are comfortable with the attire before making a decision to become a dental assistant.

5. You’ll Earn a Good Salary

Being a dental assistant is a growing and in-demand career, which means that it will come with a satisfactory salary. Of course, it may vary depending on your level of skill and which office you work in, but the wages are overall very fair. It’s important, therefore, to check job postings for dental assistants to compare various salaries and find a number that you’re happy with.

If you’re something of a social butterfly and love to help people, are patient, and have excellent organizational skills (let’s not forget being able to look in people’s mouths), then a career in dental assisting may be for you. If you don’t possess these qualities, you could always consider being the dentist.